Bachelor degree

Accounting 1 (BEM, english)

Accounting 2 (BEM, english)

Bachelor Thesis with Defence (FBI, slovak)

Banking (slovak)

Tax system (slovak)

Finance (BEM, english)

Finance (slovak)

Finance and Currency (MAN, slovak)

Household Finance (slovak)

Financial Management of the Company (slovak)

Financial Markets (slovak)

Financial Reports and Statements (slovak)

Collective Investment (slovak)

Corporate Finance (FBI, slovak)

System of Insurance (slovak)

Bachelor Thesis Seminar (FBI, slovak)

Accounting 1 (slovak)

Accounting 2 (slovak)

Accounting in public sector (slovak)

Introduction to collective investment (slovak)

Introduction to digital currencies (slovak)

Public Finance (FBI, slovak)

Master degree

Alternative Investment (english)

Alternative investment (slovak)

Bancassurance (slovak)

Corporate Financial Management (english)

Digital Currencies and Blockchain (english)

Diploma seminar (FBI, english)

Diploma Thesis with Defence (FBI, slovak, english)

Diploma seminar (FBI, slovak)

Financial Management and Regulation of Banks (english)

EU Finance (slovak)

Financial Management and Regulation of Banks (slovak)

Corporate Financial Management (slovak)

Financial Management in the Public Sector (FBI, slovak)

International finance (english)

International financial management (english)

Investment Trades (slovak)

Investment (english)

Investment (slovak)

Group Accounting (slovak)

Consolidation of Financial Statements (slovak)

Digital Currencies and Blockchain (slovak)

Managerial accounting (english)

Managerial accounting (slovak)

International Finance (slovak)

International financial management (slovak)

Monetary Analysis and Prognosis (slovak)

Monetary Analysis and Prognosis (english)

Operations of Commercial Banks (slovak)

Public finance and public choice (english)

Standardization and International Standards (english)

Standardization and International Standards (slovak)

Taxation and tax administration (english)

Public Finance and Public Choice (slovak)

Taxation and tax administration (slovak)

Doctoral degree

Behavioural Finance (slovak)

Dissertation thesis with defence (FIN, slovak)

Economics and Management of Innovation (slovak)

Finance (FIN, slovak)

Financial Economics (slovak)

Financial Management (FIN, slovak)

Evaluation of Public Programs and Public Policies (slovak)

Macroeconomics (FIN, slovak)

International Finance (FIN, slovak)

Research methodology and ethics 1 (FIN, slovak)

Research methodology and ethics 2 (FIN, slovak)

Monetary Economics (slovak)

Dissertation thesis project and dissertation exam (FIN, slovak)

Finance Theories (slovak)

Public Finance (FIN, slovak)

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