Bachelor degree

Data Analysis and Reporting

Bachelor Thesis with Defence

Bachelor Thesis with Defence (Public Economy and Management)

Economics and Management of Non-Profit Organizations

Economics and Management of Public Services


Environmental Management in Business

Financing of Public Administration

Information Systems in Public Administration

Rural Development

Management of Territories

Marketing of Territories

Municipal Economics and Policy

Operation Research

Spatial economics

Process and Project Management

Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Social Policy and Social Insurance

Theory and Economics of Services

Theory of Management and Organization of Public Administration

Sustainable development

Public Economics and the Public Sector

Public Administration and Regional Development

Basics of Public Economy

Basics of Public Finance

Master degree

Administrative management

Diploma Thesis with Defence

Diploma Thesis with Defence (Public Economy and Services)

Diploma Seminar

Economic Analysis of Processes in the Health Services

Economics and Management of Sport and Culture

Economy and Management of Education, Science and Research

Economy and Management of Health Services

Economics and policy of developing countries

Environmental Economics and Policy

Financing of Healthcare System and Health Insurance

Financial Management in Public Sector

Information Systems in the Territory Management

Information Systems in Public Sector

Inforamtion Systems in Public Sector

Creative Territories

Lobbying and Decision-Making in Public Sector

Management of public administration

Marketing Communication of Territories

Marketing Strategies of the Territory Development

Research Methodology

Marketing of Non- Profit Organization

Optimization Models in Pension Systems

Partnership and Communication in Regional Development

Pension Economics

Pension Finance

Planning and Management of the Territory Development

Planning and Budgeting in Publicly Financed Organisations

Insurance and Saving Systems

The Policy of Education and Labour Market

Practical Training

Project management in regional development

Regional Economics and Policy

Regional Labour Market and Human Resources Management

Development of Local and Regional Economies

Social Economy and Management

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Policies in the EU

Social services

Learning regions

Sustainable cities

Public Economics

Public policy

Public Finance

Health Policy

Doctoral degree

Dissertation Thesis with Defence

Program Evaluation of Public Policies

Methodology and Ethics of Scientific Research 1

Methodology and Ethics of Scientific Research 2

Civil Society

Paper for Dissertation Exam

Strategic Management and Services

Public Policy

Public Administration and Regional Development

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