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System of Quality

In 1999 the Faculty of Economics introduced a system of quality management pursuant to EN ISO 9001
as the first higher education institution in Slovakia and the 36th in the world.

Quality Certificate pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 standard

Quality Policy of Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University

  1. The priority of the Faculty of Economics is an ambitious student and a successful graduate.
  2. By continual updating of the content and modernizing the forms of education, we create the conditions for the flexible application of graduates in practice.
  3. Following accredited study programs, we support the development of basic and applied research.
  4. We create an environment where we all participate in the management and search for greater efficiency of work.
  5. We are focusing on the constant improvement of all processes carried out at the Faculty of Economics.
  6. We decide transparently and demonstrably with a synergic effect.
  7. Through the qualitative performance of administrative activities, we create conditions for the development of pedagogical and scientific research activities.
  8. We emphasize the personal development of the scientific and pedagogical employees, which guarantees the quality of the educational process.

Banská Bystrica 13.02.2017
doc. Ing. Peter Krištofík, Ph.D.

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