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International Scientific Conference: Innovations and entrepreneurship. Theory and practice.

Date: 19. 5. 2016 - 20. 5. 2016
Start time: -
End time: -
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: Academy of Business, Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
Coordinator: doc. Ing. Vanda Maráková, PhD.
Goal: The conference objective is the review of achievements in the field of innovations and entrepreneurship as well as a discussion on current problems of innovations and entrepreneurship. It is a chance to exchange opinions and an inspiration to further creative searching.

Category: Konferencia medzinárodná (v zahraničí mimo ČR)
Language: anglický
Summary:10.03.2016 – deadline for reporting the conference participation and papers proposition submission
Topics:Innovation management in an organization, economy, UE and in the world; Creativity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship as a theoretical problem and the research area; Potential of an innovative company (creating a company innovation capacity); Innovativeness – cause and effect of entrepreneurship
Other Information10.03.2016 – termín prihlásenia účasti na konferencii a zaslanie abstraktu
Web: http://www.wsb.edu.pl/innowacje
Contact Person
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Organization: Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza
E-mail: innowacje@wsb.edu.pl
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