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Corporate Risk Management

Date: 5. 10. 2016
Start time: 13:50
End time: 15:10
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: Ekonomická fakulta UMB - učebňa U9 - nová budova
Coordinator: doc. Ing. Emília Zimková, PhD.
Goal: The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the backstage of the Corporate Risk Management. The students will learn an aproval procedure of the large corporate loans and the criteria that are decisive while assessing the financial health of company.
Category: Workshop domáci (v SR)
Language: slovenský
Topics:Commercial bank, corporate risk management, economic value, book value
Web: http://www.ef.umb.sk
Contact Person
Name: Emília Zimková
Title: doc.,Ing.,PhD.
Organization: Ekonomická fakulta UMB Banská Bystrica
Phone: 048/446 6322

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