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Bioenergy and rural development in EU and Slovakia - Lorenzo Di Lucia, Imperial College London

Date: 21. 6. 2017
Start time: 10:00
End time: 11:30
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: Kancelária 322/422
Coordinator: Ing. Stanislav Kološta, PhD.
Goal: Discussion about bioenergy sector support in the EU.

Category: Kongres medzinárodný (v SR alebo v ČR v svetovom jazyku)
Summary: -
Topics:Overview of the activities of SEA, environmental policy instruments, the way to "green" business.
Other InformationBioenergy, rural development
Contact Person
Name: Stanislav Kološta
Title: Ing., PhD.
Organization: -
Phone: 048/4462729

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