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Nudging and Ethics of Nudging

Date: 24. 4. 2018
Start time: 12:15
End time: 13:35
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: EF UMB - poslucháreň P115
Coordinator: doc. PhDr. Viktória Dolinská, PhD.
Goal: The aim of the lecture is to introduce students to various mechanisms of attachment and to discuss the perception of using behavioral knowledge in decision making, including economic decision making.
Category: Domáci prednášajúci
Language: slovenský
Topics:Concept of nudging and its psychological, economic and ethical basis. Nudging for a more active lifestyle and examples of applications.
Contact Person
Name: Viktória Dolinská
Title: doc. PhDr., PhD.
Organization: Ekonomická fakulta UMB-Katedra ekonómie
Phone: 048/446 2651

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