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10 core activities of a successful financial manager

Date: 27. 11. 2018
Start time: 7:30
End time: 8:50
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: T10 P2
Coordinator: prof. Ing. Milota Vetráková, PhD.
Goal: Explain to the students/listeners difficulties in managerial work and show the ways how to deal with it. Provide tips how to be successful in a times of high requirements on organization of own time and effectiveness of managerial decisions.
Category: Prednášky
Language: slovenský
Topics:Managerial Communication. Manager. Managerial work.
Other Information
Contact Person
Name: Lukáš Smerek
Title: Mgr. Ing. PhD.
Organization: EF UMB
Phone: 048/446 27 32

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