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The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the students’ practical training process

Date: 8. 4. 2019
Start time: 12:00
End time: 13:00
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: -
Coordinator: Ing. Kamila Borseková, PhD.
Goal: The main aim of the event is to present the project awarded as the example of good practice, its main results and outputs, their exloitation in the further development of students transversal competences as well as in this field to inspire the colleagues and students of MBU.
Category: Prednášky
Language: anglický
Topics:Transversal competences of students, education, project Erasmus+
Contact Person
Name: Katarína Vitálišová
Title: doc., Ing., PhD.
Organization: EF UMB, KVE a RR
Phone: -

pozvnáka ACT Erasmus projekt final.pdf28. 3. 2019 12:39:30

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