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55 th Anniversary Conference Department of Tourism TOURISM IN A COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT

Date: 7. 11. 2019
Start time: 10:00
End time: 18:00
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: Historical Town Hall of Banska Bystrica
Coordinator: prof. Ing. Jana Kučerová, PhD., prof. Ing. Vanda Maráková, PhD.
Goal: The aim of the conference is to contribute to the development of theory and practice in tourism. The ambition of conference is to create synergies resulting from the co-operation of scientific community, students and alumnies of the Tourism study programme as well as the representatives of practice.
Category: Konferencia s medzinárodnou účasťou
Language: slovenský
Topics:Destination Management and Marketing, Department of Tourism in Time Changes, Memories of Alumnies, Hotels and Tour Operators in Competitive Environment, The Alumni Club of Department of Tourism
Web: http://www.ef.umb.sk/index.asp?uid=1782
Contact Person
Name: Radka Marčeková,
Title: Ing., PhD.
Organization: Ekonomická fakulta UMB v Banskej Bystrici
Phone: 048/446 2217

Conference programme - Tourism in a Competitive Environment.pdf18. 10. 2019 14:30:26Program konferencie - Cestovný ruch v konkurenčnom prostredí.pdf18. 10. 2019 14:30:19

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