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Analysis of political party election programs by students of EF UMB

Date: 26. 2. 2020
Start time: 13:50
End time: 16:00
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: Faculty of Economics UMB
Coordinator: Ing. Barbora Mazúrová, PhD.
Goal: The aim of the event is to help participants to orientate themselves in the election programs of political parties running for the parliamentary elections of 2020, evaluate them and compare them in selected areas of the economy.
Category: Seminár domáci (v SR)
Language: slovenský
Topics:Economic growth. Labour market. Business environment. Tax policy. Education. Health service.
Other Information
Contact Person
Name: Barbora Mazúrová
Title: Ing. PhD.
Organization: Ekonomická fakulta UMB v Banskej Bystrici
Phone: 048/446 2652

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