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How to find a job during a pandemic and not lift the long-term unemployment curve

Date: 14. 4. 2021
Start time: 17:00
End time: 18:00
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Coordinator: doc. Ing. Peter Pisár, PhD.,
Goal: The aim of the invited online lecture is to present and discuss current issues in the labor market in terms of long-term unemployment in the context of public finances and key investments in human capital for the near future in Slovakia. The event will include a professional and human discussion on how the pandemic hit us, how to prevent long-term unemployment and how to get a job successfully.
Category: Seminár domáci (v SR)
Language: slovenský
Topics:Long-term unemployment, labor market, public expenditure on employment, state investment in human capital
Other Information
Web: http://www.facebook.com/events/809006773368786
Contact Person
Name: Alexandra Mertinková
Title: Ing.
Organization: AZU - Aktivita zvyšuje úspech, KFÚ EF UMB v Banske
E-mail: mertinkova@azu.sk

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