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The financial future of Slovakia

Date: 6. 5. 2021
Start time: 18:00
End time: 19:00
Organizer: Ekonomická fakulta
Place: online
Coordinator: Ing. Alexandra Mertinková, Katedra financií a účtovníctva EF UMB
Goal: The aim of the discussion is to present the future of Slovakia in the context of public finances. The discussion will focus on the future of the pension system or financial literacy. We will present measures for responsible public finances that could free Slovakia from the current unsustainable situation.
Category: Seminár domáci (v SR)
Language: slovenský
Topics:Responsible public finances. Pension system. Financial literacy. The future of Slovakia
Other Information
Web: http://fb.me/e/1Ia5pdCxv
Contact Person
Name: Alexandra Mertinková
Title: Ing.
Organization: AZU - Aktivita zvyšuje úspech, KFÚ EF UMB v Banske
E-mail: mertinkova@azu.sk
Phone: -

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