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Student Scientific Conference 2023

Student Scientific Conference 2023
March, 30, 2023, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

Dear students,

We would like to invite you to 29th edition of Student Scientific Conference 2023 (“SSC”). Students traditionally present the results of their research from various fields of economic and social sciences, quantitative method application and information technologies. The regular organization of this event by Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica has become a long-lasting tradition.

All submitted papers will be divided into several sections according their topics. In this event, students present their abilities, analytical skills, creativity, wisdom and own opinion.

Moreover, this international conference creates a space for innovative ideas and encourages the education across field of economic sciences.

Special section is created for high school students. High school students will be consulting aboutsubject of papers with school teacher. Students from other faculties may participate in SSC 2023, but must be accredited by sending university or school. The paper will be classification in terms of focus of subject.

New section of Student Scientific Conference (SSC) 2023 is Scientific Essay. Students can choose their own topic related to their study program or a topic determined by the teacher. Essays shall be submitted in written form only and will not be presented during the event (you will find more information in the attachment).

Members of commissions, consisted of teachers and PhD. students, will assess the relevance of the topics, the general level of submitted work, their added value, the use of results for both theoretical and practical development and the level of students´ presentation. The best student of each section will be rewarded. Participation at Student Scientific Conference 2023 improves students´ skills and last but not least this experience might help them to increase their chances on the labor market.

This conference is dedicated for students at bachelor and master level. Special section is created for high school students. The attendance at Student Scientific Conference 2023 is free of charge. Students are allowed to prepare their work individually, in pairs or in a group.

Please, fill in the registration form for SSC 2023 https://forms.office.com/r/rG855rwLES


Why become involved in SSC 2023?

Beside the valuable experience the participants get also 3 or 4 credits (depending on their study level – bachelor level 3, master level 4), additionally, they can get bonus points for selection procedure for studying abroad -Erasmus+. For more information and instructions, please see the attached file.


January 13, 2023 Titles of students´papers and essays´will be published on the web side and Fcb page of FE MBU will be public main subject of student’s papers and Scientific Essay Faculty of Economics MBU. Conference is dedicated for students of bachelor and masters study degree.

February 13, 2023  Application form need to be sent electronically

February, 20, 2023  Essays need to be sent (responsible person for SSC in each department)

March, 17, 2023 Submission of papers electronically (responsible person for SSC in each department).

30.3.2023 date of SSC (together with announcement of essays results)

The paper/essay has to be accompanied with assessment of the supervisor and abstract on separate sheet.

SSC 2023 has 9 sections:

  1. section - Tourism
  2. section – Business Economics and Management
  3. section – Finance, Banking and Investment
  4. section - Quantitative Methods and Informatics
  5. section – Public Economics and Regional Development
  6. section – Social Sciences
  7. section – Managerial Systems – IMS Poprad
  8. Section – Section for high school students
  9. Section – Scientific Essay


Complete the application form and join the active student’s community!

Contact person - PhDr. Mária Škombárová - maria.skombarova@umb.sk


Note.: By sending a fulfilled application, in accordance with Article 6 section 1 and Article 7 of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679, a participant of SSC 2022 (as the person concerned) provides the Faculty of Economics Tajovského 10, 975 90 Banská Bystrica with consent for personal data processing.

More information can be found in attached files:

  • Consent of Student/ Person concerned to Personal Data Processing
  • Information for data subject – participant in SSC 2023

Collections of abstracts from last year and photos gallery can be found – HERE:

Student Scientific Conference 2022: 


Student Scientific Conference 2019:




ŠVA_2023_ návrh tém_Sekcia č. 5. sekcia - Verejná ekonomika a regionálny rozvoj.pdf (16. 1. 2023 8:45:17)
ŠVA_2023_ návrh tém_Sekcia č. 3. sekcia - Financie, bankovníctvo a investovanie.pdf (16. 1. 2023 8:43:51)
Invitation_SSC_2023.pdf (16. 1. 2023 8:15:56)
Supervisor´s Assessment - paper 2023.docx (10. 1. 2023 15:05:55)
SSC 2023 scientific essay - supervisor form.docx (10. 1. 2023 15:05:27)
ŠVA SSC_2023 katedroví koordinátori_responsible person.docx (7. 12. 2022 14:06:21)
2023_SSC_Structure od the paper.docx (6. 12. 2022 12:23:47)
Consent of Student 2023.docx (30. 11. 2022 8:33:17)
2023_SSC_Annex_Annotation of the paper.docx (30. 11. 2022 8:28:51)
2023_SSC_Annex 2 _ Title.docx (30. 11. 2022 8:28:43)
Scientific Essay - SSC2023.docx (30. 11. 2022 8:23:47)
Essay assigment, L.Theodoulides.pptx (30. 11. 2022 8:23:01)
Supervisor´s Assessment 2023.docx (30. 11. 2022 8:22:30)

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