University incubator of Poprad city

Incubator characteristics

University incubator of Poprad city was established on 7.  November 2013 by signing the Memorandum of cooperation between Poprad city, University o Matej Mel, Faculty of Economics and Italian-Slovak chamber of commerce,. On the same day Pasell Slovakia, s.r.o and Immergas Europe, s.r.o., companies from the industrial park of Poprad, signed the „List of associated organizations”.

Signing of Memerandum of cooperation on 7th November 2013

Students of Matej Bel University will ensure the innovative development by final thesis solving, fellowships or labor law relations. Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce and organizations that are acceding the memorandum will provide suggestions for problem solving from the economic and business management area and allow solving selected assignments in their organizations. Coordination place of the University incubator is EF UMB in Poprad that ensure the communication between interested organizations. This communication will always depend on specific project and interested organization.

Director of the University incubator

doc. Ing. Ján Závadský, PhD.
Tel.: +421-52-7721196

Responsibilities of the director:
- creation of demands solutions of companies signed in the “List of associated organizations”
- selection of students for solving demands
- selection of the project managers of the incubator
- monitoring of the solutions made by students according to companies’ demands
- communication between interested subjects of the Memorandum of cooperation
- representation of the Faculty of economics by the negotiations about activities of the incubator and third subjects

Project manager of the University incubator

Ing. Lucia Hudáková
Tel.: +421-52-4262332
Responsibilities of project manager:
receiving the demands from the companies
preparation of project plans of demands solving
monitoring of students realizing companies´ demands
projects administration and final reports preparation
communication of the results between interested subjects
support of the Incubator activities from the structural fund of European Union

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