Benčiková Dana, PhDr., PhD. - anglický jazyk

Professional profile:  
Courses: Communication Across Cultures - EN
Foreign Language in Business 1 - EN, FR, DE, RU, ES
Professional Ethics
Consultation hours: piatok 8-12 online (MS Teams)
Phone: 446 25 18
Office: 253

National research projects

The influence of innovative marketing concepts on the behavior of chosen market subjects in Slovakia , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2018
Cultural Intelligence as an essential prerequisite to competitiveness of Slovakia global environment , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2018
Behavioral aspects of quality and their impact on building quality culture , grantová schéma: VEGA , dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2021

International research projects

RUINS: Sustainable re-use, preservation and modern management of historical ruins in Central Europe - elaboration of integrated model and guidelines based on the synthesis of the best European experiences, grantová schéma: Interreg Central Europe, dátum ukončenia: 31. 5. 2020

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