Kožiak Radoslav, doc., Ing., PhD.

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Courses: Bachelor Thesis Seminar
Bachelor Thesis with Defence
Diploma Seminar
Diploma Thesis with Defence
Municipal Economics and Policy
Practical Training
Public Administration and Regional Development
Public Policy
Regional Economics and Policy
Sustainable development
Consultation hours: Kedykoľvek po dohode s vyučujúcim.
Phone: 048 446 20 14
Office: 211

National research projects

Creation and innovation of common study programes in foreign languages Activity III.1, grantová schéma: MŠVVaŠ SR, dátum ukončenia: 30. 9. 2019
Abandoned Slovakia: Effective solutions to the creative reuse of abandoned properties in non-urban areas , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 3. 2021
The impact of local taxes proceeds on performance of local government tasks in both economically developed and lagging regions in the context of Industry 4.0 , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2021
, grantová schéma: zmluva o dielo , dátum ukončenia: 31. 7. 2021


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