Čapková Soňa, doc., Ing., PhD.

Professional profile:  
Courses: Bachelor Thesis with Defence
Development of Local and Regional Economies
Diploma Seminar
Diploma Thesis with Defence
Financing of Public Administration
Local and regional development
Management of public administration
Planning and Management of the Territory Development
Practical Training
Project management in regional development
Public Administration and Regional Development
Territorial management and marketing
Consultation hours: Ut. 9.00 -12.00 , piatok 8.00-10.00
Phone: 048 446 20 11
Office: 214

National research projects

Local government tax revenue and tax capacity , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2017
Creation and innovation of common study programes in foreign languages Activity III.1, grantová schéma: MŠVVaŠ SR, dátum ukončenia: 30. 9. 2019
, grantová schéma: zmluva o dielo , dátum ukončenia: 31. 7. 2021
, grantová schéma: Zmluva o dielo č. 06/2021/OPS-26, dátum ukončenia: 30. 11. 2021

International research projects

Functioning of the local production systems in the conditions of economic crisis in Bulgaria and Slovakia , grantová schéma: APVV, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2017
From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy:, grantová schéma: COST, dátum ukončenia: 23. 3. 2021
Creative potential in the cities and its exploitation in the sustainable development , grantová schéma: APVV Slovensko-Francúzsko, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2019
Financing cultural policies and creative industries. A Franco-Slovak comparison. , grantová schéma: APVV SK-FR, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2022

Other international projects

, grantová schéma: EHP Slovensko, dátum ukončenia: 31. 8. 2016
Chosen areas of the local development policy in Norway and Slovakia, grantová schéma: EEA Grants, dátum ukončenia: 30. 8. 2016
Public Administration Education Quality Enhancement, grantová schéma: Erasmus+ K2, dátum ukončenia: 31. 8. 2021


Other books

Publications issued within projects

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