Mendelová Viera, Ing., PhD.

Professional profile:  
Courses: Informatics
Quantitative Methods in Finance
Consultation hours: KH na ZS 2021/22: UT: 12:00 - 13:30 hod. a ST: 12:00 - 13:30 hod. (Na konzultačné hodiny je potrebné vopred sa ohlásiť mailom)
Phone: 048/ 446 6617
Office: č. 328 - nová budova EF

National research projects

Augmentation of the theoretical construct of the SCP paradigm and of the efficient structure hypothesis in banking and insurance by the aspect of risk and their empirical validation in the conditions of the Slovak Republic , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2017
Methodological aspects of DEA application on efficiency assessment of production units , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 3. 2021

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