Koróny Samuel, RNDr., PhD.

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Phone: +421 48 4466234
Office: NB 426

National research projects

Interdisciplinary approach to electronic monitoring of accused and convicted persons in the Slovak environment , grantová schéma: APVV, dátum ukončenia: 30. 6. 2020
Innovation potential of Slovak regions, their measurement and innovation policy at regional level , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 12. 2018
Methodological aspects of DEA application on efficiency assessment of production units , grantová schéma: VEGA, dátum ukončenia: 31. 3. 2021

International research projects

Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge and the Teaching Profession , grantová schéma: OECD Centre for educational research and innovation, dátum ukončenia: 30. 6. 2017

Other international projects

The acceleration method of development of transversal competences in the students practical training process., grantová schéma: Erasmus+ Programme, dátum ukončenia: 31. 8. 2018

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