Medzinárodná vedecká konferencia

"Investovanie v Európe - súčasný stav a perspektívy"

International Scientific Conference on

"Investing in Europe - current situation and perspectives"



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me warmly welcome you to today's conference -  the event,  supported by the Slovak Presidency of the Council of Europe SK PRES. Our 10th annual  international scientific conference is organized by Department of Finance and Accounting,  Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Slovakia, to  which goes our sincere thanks for 10 years of our joint successful  project.  The  project, which has left a significant footprint not only on the life of the Department and  the Faculty. We are pleased that we have created a high level political  platform of experts for the communication of views on the  resonating issues  in the evolution of the European Union. This platform has given us the wider scientific and international dimensions which have moved us forward in understanding the complexity of  the real developments  by creating  the space for discussion between representatives of academia and non-academic institutions.

The subject of our conference is investing in Europe. For Europe as a whole, including Slovakia, it is important and has been so for many years, particularly since the economic crisis of 2008. For Europe to prosper it needs to be producing goods the world wants to buy at a competitive price. That in turn requires investment in new capital stock to ensure our goods are produced as efficiently as possible. Also of course much of that investment relates to new products resulting from innovation. But investing in Europe also requires investment in the peoples of Europe, both the continual updating of the skills of existing workers and educating the next generation.

I said this was important for Europe as it seeks to emerge from a crisis which has seen low growth and high unemployment over many of the years since 2008 and in many if not all of the countries of Europe. But there is a new urgency to this. There is a level of dissatisfaction with the EU, most noticeable in the UK which has voted to leave, but is evident in other countries too. Investing in Europe is a statement that the future of the continent lies with the continued political and economic health of the EU. But statements alone are not enough, the member states need to deliver prosperity and growth and now more than ever that requires investment in the EU and its peoples.

We have several eminent speakers to provide insights into these issues: Mr.Vladimir Hiadlovský,  – Rector of UMB in Banska Bystrica, Mr. Peter Kristofik  –  Dean of EF UMB  in Banska Bystrica, Mr. Dušan Chrenek – Head of the EC Representation in Slovakia,  Mr. Radoslaw Ossovski- Barbetti – Head of EIB Group Office in Slovakia, Mrs. Alena Longauerová – Director of Assey Office of the SR, Mr. Vladimír Soták – General Director, Železiarne Podbrezová, a.s., Mr. Vladimír Vaňo  - Chief Economist Sberbank Vienna AG and Mr. Menbere Workie Tiruneh-  The Institute of Economic Research of Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Let me also introduce and welcome the members of the Scientific Committee of the conference and  Faculty representatives, especially  Mr. Peter Pisár – Head of Department of Finance and Accounting and Director of the REIC in Banská Bystrica, Mr. Miroslav Šipikal – Vice-Dean for Development and Social Care of Students, Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava,  Mrs. Vanda Maráková – Vice-Dean for the international relations, Ef UMB in Banská Bystrica,  Mrs. Anna Vaňová – Vice-Dean for development, EF UMB in Banská Bystrica,  Mr. Vladimír Úradníček – Vice-dean for science and research EF UMB  in Banská Bystrica.

I warmly welcome on behalf of the organizers and Scientific Committee of our conference all our colleagues, who have arrived from abroad and from the other cities in Slovakia, all of you who have come to support this special event.  Thank you for coming today and particularly thank you  - to all our speakers.


prof. Ing. Marta Orviská, PhD.
Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University