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Prof. Ing. Mária Uramová, PhD., Doc. Ing. Martin Hronec, PhD., Ing. Ján Kollár, PhD.

Influence of employment and unemployment on the extent of unpaid work


Ing. Zlata Jakubovie, CSc.

Poverty indicators and social exclusion


Ing. Ján Huňady, PhD., Prof. Ing. Marta Orviská, PhD., Ing. Matúš Grega

Unpaid work as a factor of individual well-being and its specifics in Slovakia


Doc. PhDr. Miriam Martinkovičová, PhD., Ing. Alena Kaščáková, PhD.

Unpaid work in Slovak households with respect to forecasts of demographic development


PhDr. Monika Nová

Social enterprise in developing countries - lessons learned from entrepreneurial activities in Africa


Prof. PaedDr. Gabriela Korimová, PhD., Doc. JUDr. Eva Hudecová, CSc.

Socio-economic and legal aspects of social entrepreneurship in the context of labor market


Dr. Andrzej Hurło

Individual well-being as the foundation of the country's economic development


Ing. Mária Murray Svidroňová, PhD., Ing. Katarína Vitálišová, PhD., Bc. Patrik Greguš

Modern tools of local governance oriented at support of voluntary citizen activities in common public affairs


Ing. Vladimíra Klementová, PhD., Ing. Lenka Hvolková, PhD., Ing. Ladislav Klement, PhD.

Recruitment and employment of human resources in the Slovak enterprises


Mgr. Ľuboslava Kubišová, RNDr. Gabriela Nedelová, PhD.

Social capital and unpaid work in Slovakia – Selected characteristic and common features


Dr. hab. Zdzisław Majkut, prof. of UWM

Unpaid work and its impact on economic performance


Dr. hab. Lucyna Hurło, prof. of PWSZ

Possibility of employment of graduates on the labour market in the era of knowledge society


Mgr. Darius Matkiewicz

Methods for evaluation of unpaid work produce by public sector employees


Dr. Lukasz Arendt,  Dr. Iwona Kukulak-Dolata, , Dr. Iwona Poliwczak

Unpaid work in private businesses and NGOsthe case of Poland


Dr. Grazyna Debicka-Ozorkiewicz

The role and importance of crafts in the labor market


PhDr. Marian Kika, PhD, RNDr. Gabriela Nedelová, PhD.

Unpaid work - preparation for the labor market


Ing. Anna Vallušová, PhD., Ing. Mariana Považanová, PhD., RNDr. Gabriela Nedelová, PhD.

Specialization of household members in the area of unpaid work in Slovakia


Ing. Mária Murray Svidroňová, PhD., Ing. Katarína Vitálišová, PhD.

Risk definition and risk management in a local production system


Ing. Martin Kiaba

The share of services of gross domestic product and total employment


Ing. Igor Kollár, PhD., Ing. Alena Kaščáková, PhD.

The questionnaire as a method for collecting data on unpaid work




Dr. hab. Piotr Krajewski, prof. of UWM

Biodiversity as a factor in economic development


Dr. hab. Zdzisław Majkut, prof. of UWM

Expected changes in the Polish labour code by employers


Dr. iur. JUDr. Ing. Michal Turošík, PhD., JUDr. Marián Ďurana, PhD.

Some aspects of development of labour contract as a factor on individual welfare


Mgr. Marek Piotrowski

Purchase of real estate by foreigners in Poland


Doc. JUDr. PaedDr. Ivan Podhorec, PhD., JUDr. Lucia Petríková

The reasons for discrimination in labour law


Dr. Andrzej Grzebieniak

Influence of the act on insurance and reinsurance activity on the insurance intermediaries labour market in Poland


Dr. Ewa Levandowska

The social and legal importance of gratuitous service contracts in the example of a mandate contract


PhDr. Anna Schneiderová, PhD, Doc. PhDr. Anna Zelenková, PhD.

Foreign languages competence and the international labour market


Prof. Ing. Viera Marková, PhD., Ing. Peter Hronček

Legislative barriers of the employment in labor law