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Dear Potential Partner,

My name is Kamila Bielawska and I work as a Marketing and Design Coordinator for Almond Vocational Link Ltd. We are a private UK non-profit organisation based in the picturesque coastal city of Plymouth, Devon (South West of England).
We are currently looking for organisations who are seeking new UK partners for their Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 mobility of students and staff projects .
Here are some examples of the services we are able to provide to your students and staff:

• KA1 Mobility for Vocational Educational Training and Higher Education students Unpaid Work Experience Placements suited to the participant’s area of studies. We only work with reputable local businesses that will offer good quality work placement for each candidate in areas such as:
o Accounting
o Administration
o Animal Care
o Beauty
o Communications
o Environmental Studies
o Hairdressing
o Healthcare, Social Care
o Hotel, Catering and Hospitality
o Information Technology and Web Design
o Marketing and Digital Media
o Mechanics
o Sales
Please Note the above categories are not the only ones we are able to secure work placements for. We work with each student individually and are able to provide placement in more specialist areas. Ask for our Work Experience Brochure or download PDF file from our website http://www.almondvoclink.co.uk/brochures-forms/

• English Language Training with accredited teachers, variety of courses available, from General English to Profiled courses. Download English Language Training PDF brochure from our website.

• Host Family Accommodation on Full Board, Half Board and Self Catering (limited) basis. All our host families are vetted by the company director in order to ensure that our standards are met. Living with a British host family helps to improve the student’s English and learn more about the culture and traditions.

• Cultural trips for organised groups. We have a variety of options to suit any budget. We can also organise English Summer Courses to bring together learning and exploring a new culture in a fun and interactive way. Please get in touch for more details on your personalized package.

• Key Action 1 –International Study Programmes for Teacher and Staff Development Including hotel stay, formal training courses, job shadowing, educational visits, cultural trips and profiled language training. All of our Professional Group Stays are organised strictly to the project’s specifications and the budget available.
Course objectives:
o To increase competences
o Compare training methods
o Learn about methods and operating procedures used in the UK
o Observe and take part in a training program along with other students
o Improve English and gain new vocabulary in specialist area
o To open a new link for possible international cooperation with the UK
o To motivate VET staff
o To promote professional development and integration
o Take part in study visits to organisations specialist in your area
o To take part in job shadowing sessions within your specialist area

Please visit our website to learn more about what our company can do for you http://www.almondvoclink.co.uk/
In attachment to this email, I am also sending you or new information Brochure. Please note that we have a separate corporate brochure for each area of our services, you may download them from our website in a PDF format. If you have any specific questions in regards to your KA1 project, please do not hesitate to contact me kamilab@almondvoclink.co.uk Please note that a full price list is available upon request.
I hope you find the information presented in my email useful and a future cooperation between our organisations is possible.

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