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Admission Procedure

The deadline for submitting of the application forms is prolonged until 30 April 2021. We require from the applicants Application form + COMPULSORY enclosures.

    1. Application form
    2. IELTS certificate (minimum entry score 6.0 from each part)
    3. Verified Recognition of completed higher education  
    4. Transcript of Record
    5. CV
    6. Proof of payment
    7. Copy of Passport

Please note if your application is incomplete or not submitted by the deadline, your application will NOT be accepted.

More info:

1.APPLICATION FORM – you can choose one of the following options:

a) Electronic form – you fill it in within the AiS2 UMB system  and upload all compulsory enclosures BEFORE you save it. In this case you still have to send by regular mail notarized copy of IELTS certificate and Verified Recognition of the Educational Documents issued by Slovak authority in Slovak language

b) Paper form – after you fill in the application form, you have to print it out, sign, go to the post office and send it together with all compulsory enclosures

Application Form MMB
Application Form FBI



a) We have to receive NOTARIZED PHOTOCOPY of IELTS Certificate via post office to April 30 2021 (scan cannot be accepted).   If the IELTS Certificate is not received by April 30 2021, the application will be CANCELLED.

b) Minimum entry score is 6.0 from each part: Listening 6.0 or more, Reading 6.0 or more, Writing 6.0 or more, Speaking 6.0 or more. (If your Overall Band Score is 6.0 or more but for example Reading is 5,5 and Speaking 7.0 it is not sufficient).

c) IELTS Certificate is the only accepted certificate, no other language certificates are accepted (TOEFL Certificate, FCE Certificate, CAE Certificate are NOT accepted)

d) IELTS Certificate is required from the applicants who have finished their previous education in a country which is NOT a member county of the European Higher Education Area. If your previous school was in a member country of the European Higher Education, you do not need to submit it.  You can find the list of member countries at the website of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.



a) We have to receive NOTARIZED PHOTOCOPY via post office (scan cannot be accepted).

b) The applicants who  have completed the previous degree abroad must have the diploma recognized in the Slovak Republic. Please note that the Recognition must be issued by the Slovak authority in Slovak language.

Recognition of completed higher education - INFORMATIONS

c) The applicants who had completed their bachelor study before 2021 are obliged to deliver the Recognition of completed higher education to the Study Department of Faculty of Economics, MBU to April 30, 2021.

d) The applicants who will only have completed their bachelor study in the course of 2021 are supposed to submit their Recognition of completed higher education no later than on the Enrolment Day. This is to be in early September 2021 and they must be present there in person.

e) The applicants who fail to deliver the Recognition before 31 May 2021 shall only be admitted conditionally, despite passing the entrance exam. Faculty of Economics MBU cannot guarantee a room at its dormitories to such applicants. The admitted students shall submit the document recognizing the diploma no later than the day of enrolment.



a) Electronic application form - please upload the scan of your Transcript of record from your Bachelor study into the AiS2 MBU system.

b) Paper application form - please attach your Transcript of record to the enclosures of your application form.


5. CV

a) Electronic application form - please upload the scan of your signed Curriculum Vitae including personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth, permanent and postal address, contact detail), education completed so far and do not forget to sign it.

b) Paper application form - please attach your signed Curriculum Vitae including personal data to the enclosures of your application form. 



a) Until April 30, 2021 is every Applicant obliged to pay the Admission fee  (billing information), no later than the last day on which the application for study can be sent. An application for study without a fee of a specified amount will NOT be accepted. Proof of payment is a compulsory enclosure of the application form.

b) Admission fee is used to cover the material requirement of the admission procedure.

c) If you choose the paper form of the application, you pay the full admission fee in amount 45 €. In the case of submitting of electronic application, the fee is reduced by 10 € to an amount 35 €.

c) Electronic application form - please upload the payment order confirmed by the bank into the AiS2 MBU system.

   Paper application form - please attach the proof of payment confirmed by the bank to the enclosures of your application form. 



a) In order to avoid the mistake in your personal data please upload also the scan of your passport, so we can check the correctness of the written data in your Application form.



Visa arrangement is NOT the responsibility of Faculty of Economics, MBU, so the applicants from the countries subject to visa requirement are kindly asked to arrange their student visa on their own. Faculty of Economics, MBU may participate in the procedure only indirectly, i.e. by issuing the admission/ conditional admission certificate upon meeting all the admission requirements by the applicant.  



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