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I am writing you on behalf of Katrium OÜ to inform you about an internship abroad opportunity for students of economic faculties. We would be very grateful if you could share this possibility with your students so they can contact us in case they are interested. They can apply for this internship with Erasmus+ grant or any other program. I am sending you information about our company and about the content of internship.

Sincerely, Katrium Team


About Katrium
Katrium OÜ is a company with over 10 years of experience in offering call center, research and business support services internationally. Our office is based in Tallinn, Estonia. At Katrium, we offer tailor-made services for small and medium sized companies as well as subcontracting solutions for bigger companies. Our main market is in Finland, but our services cover whole of Europe and Russia.
What we offer
We offer a unique opportunity to join our international team, where as a trainee you get to be involved in our core business since the beginning of your internship through versatile job assignments.
You will learn all about market research and business support services, project management and you will be in a charge of your own projects. Communication with our international consultants who are working from all around Europe will be another daily task. 
Our head office is located in the heart of Tallinn, where you can easily access different activities, events and explore the local culture.
Make a brave decision and do your internship abroad!
Ask more and submit your application: anna@katrium.eu

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