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Updated measures regarding the spread of COVID-19

Important notice

INTERRUPTION OF THE PRESENCE FORM OF STUDY for students with a place of study in Banská Bystrica and Poprad from 25.10.2021 until futher notice. 

Entry into the building area is conditioned by compliance with the "VTO" mode (vaccinated, tested, after overcoming COVID-19)

Protocol „VTO“ applies to individuals, who are: 


General rules for students, staff, guests and businesses in rented premises:

When entering the faculty premises and during stay in them (in all premises) all persons are obliged to:


Important documents:

MBU traffic light [10.9.2021]

Valid measures of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic [2.9.2021]

COVID Automat [up-to-date information on measures in the relevant districts]

School traffic light [recommendations for universities on page 5]

MBU guideline  [31. 8. .2021]

Instructions for the international students [current information]

Accomodation and Boarding at Students´DormitoriesSÚZ MBU  [current information]

MBU measures (18. 3. 2020 9:51:01)

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