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staze v UK, aj ako homeoffice

Dear Director,


I have an exciting offer for all international students whose  language is English pergfect and best of all we do not also require any experience from them as training would be provided.

I would very much appreciate it if you could add this to your database and share it with your students so they can avail this opportunity! Furthermore, students also have the option to work from home being a perfect option for them to work at the comfort of their homes.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd is an international marketing services company located in St.Helens, between Liverpool and Manchester. We are specialized in barcode labeling equipment and its services.

Internships are available immediately and during 2020/21. Remote internship are also available for the following positions:


Please send your application to:  hr@martinmulliganmarketing.com

Best regards 

Mahnoor Aleena

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd.

Barcode House / Shaw Street / St. Helens WA10 1EN

Phone: 0044 (0) 1744 778070

Email: mahnoor@martinmulliganmarketing.com 

Web: www.martinmulliganmarketing.com


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