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stáž na leto 2021 Varna, Bulharsko

Dear colleagues,

After multiple conducted meetings and conversations with our partner universities it is noticeable that a big part of the universities cannot fulfil the needed number of outgoing students mobility. Due to this reason our team took the decision to deal with the task of looking for business structures in Varna and the region, who would like to accept students for internship under the Erasmus + program for the summer of 2021.

Conversations were conducted with the company Interobmen, who works in the tourism branch. The company works with hundreds of hotels and restaurants and offers multiple possibilities for internship. In this regard, students are recruited who are studying in the field of tourism. The offered positions are for staff in 5 star hotels such as: servers, barmans, front desk agents and bell boys.The hotels provide free accommodation, free meals and insurance. The company provides free reception upon arrival and accommodation.

The duration of the internship is between 85 and 90 days, in the period 01.06.2021 to 15.09.2021.

In cases where there are 20 interns from one university, the company offers a one-week visit of a university representative to the hotel, during which the employee will get acquainted with the conditions in which the interns perform their mobility. During the visit the representative does NOT pay for his visit and it’s entirely on the company of Interobmen. The stay includes all inclusive for one representative of the sending university including his entire family. If the number of students exceeds 30, then two representatives of the university are given the opportunity to carry out the visit.

For more information please contact office@internobmen.bg

Best regards,

Evgeni Raychev 
Head of the International Relations office 


telephone +359 52 830 812


University of Economics - Varna 
77, Knyaz Boris I Blvd, Varna, 9000, Bulgaria






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