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Bachelor program Business Economics and Management

Dear future students,

in next scholar year we will celebrate 30th anniversary of study programs offered by our department. During this period we always paid attention to the alignment of study programs’ content and business environment development, trends in management and entrepreneurship. Thus are graduates of bachelor studies are fully capable to apply for positions in lower or middle management or to start own business. We offer English study program BEM since 2004. It was the first program of such character in Slovakia and currently there are just 5 others. Or course, if you are able to study in Slovak language, you can still choose a combination of courses and enroll to just a couple of English ones. 

As the principal added value in English study program we consider primarily: 


The study is divided into three years, six semesters and 180 credits. You need relevant number of credits to proceed to the next semester or scholar year, thus the study and the choice of courses has to be carefully planned. Winter semester usually starts in the middle of September, in January starts the exam period. Summer semester start in middle February with exam period during May. Semester has 13 weeks, except of the last semester, which has just 10 weeks because it is concluded with the defence of your final bachelor thesis. 

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