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staz na odd. medzinarodnych vztahov na polskej uni

Dear Partner,

We are happy to announce you that the University of Social Sciences in Łódź, PL LODZ09 Poland has reactivated  incoming and outgoing international student internship activities, SMP and staff mobility-STT.

We would ask you to inform your students that they will be now accepted at our university in the summer semester if they happen to look for internship opportunities in our International Erasmus office in Poland since we need trainees.

The main duties to include:

-active search for new partner universities

-searching for training possibilities in EU and verification of internship placement opportunities. Calling companies via Skype, asking set of questions.

-posting information on website, on network of TV Screens (for use after Covid)

-social media management-i.e. Facebook, IG,etc.

The job is about 4hrs/day-4 days a week.

The students will be selected upon a successful interview and the command of English language will be also checked.

Ernest Nowak

Erasmus+Institutional Coordinator

erasmus@erasmus.com.pl www.erasmus.san.edu.pl

whatsup Signal +48606388854

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