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Spanish Chamber of Commerce

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce would like to have an Erasmus Student to do an intership for a period of 12 months.

The field is Internet Marketing.
The Spanish Estonian Chamber of Commerce is a NGO with head office in Tallinn. The aims of activity:

* To lay down, bolster and further trade and business relations and initiatives between the Republic of Estonia and the Kingdom of Spain;
* To support the interests of its members in various areas of activity;
* To create, support and develop economical relations between companies and entrepreneurs of said two countries;
* To organise, stimulate and mediate programmes, events (seminars, meetings, delegations, conferences, lectures, business trips) in furtherance of trade and commercial relations between said two countries;
* To represent the interests of its members in communication with Government of the Republic of Estonia and other state authorities when requested;
* To collect and deliver information to its members about the situation of the Estonian economy, business contacts and laws;
* To supply to its members the services of the Chamber
* To engage in co-operation with other organisations with a view to realising its aims

Job description:

Job description, tasks:


Location Tallinn
Starting date ASAP
Contact information:
David Llorente

E-mail: david.llorente@secc.ee
Address: Kohtu 3A-2 10130 Tallinn (Estonia)
URL http://www.secc.ee/

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