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Marketing Management of Business

Master degree of study
Study form: full-time
Place of study: Banská Bystrica
Plan of admitted students: 20
Study plan MMB


Dear applicants, thank you for your interest in studying at our faculty.

You have chosen the institution with more than 35 years of history and experience in education, which is ranked as one of the best faculties in the field of economic education in Slovakia.

The program Marketing Management of Business seeks to develop students’ competence in exact analytical methods, abilities to identify factors determining the development of a business and its environment, to identify a market opportunity, to estimate the threats and the potential consequences for the business, to manage the offer so as to seize the opportunity. It trains students in problem solving skills incorporating a system approach based on the competence in decision-making methods, which requires integrating knowledge of management, operational management, organization of managerial work, marketing in the domestic and world markets, finance, quality management and human resources. At the same time, the program trains students to take a strategic thinking approach, to foresee phenomena and with the use of mathematical-statistical methods to quantify the effects on the business. The program prepares professionals for the middle and top management of small and middle sized businesses, marketing specialists, sole proprietorship, project, consultancy organizations and marketing agencies.

During the studies you can build your future business carrier also through the new experience gained in abroad, as it is recommended to take part at foreign mobility or traineeship. These activities are strongly supported and promoted. There are also many courses, lectures and trainings organized out of common study, from which you can freely choose and to take part. All this is voluntary, so in certain way you can manage your studies to be fully under your control.

We firmly believe that you are very carefuly considering all the opportunities and that you will choose such a field and program, which suits best to your needs and expectations. Hopefully we will meet since September in Banská Bystrica.


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